They’re Hot, Then They’re Cold (Sesame Street)

So yesterday I was browsing my favorite news source, The Week, and ran across this cute video of Katy Perry singing "Hot and Cold" with Elmo. I thought it was so cute, bubbly and fun that I emailed it to my husband and told him that our daughter was going to love it. I couldn't … Continue reading They’re Hot, Then They’re Cold (Sesame Street)

My Current Top Two ABC Songs for Toddlers

If you haven’t had a child yet or haven’t worked in the childcare industry, the idea of “ABC songs for toddlers” (yes, songs, plural) probably seems foreign.  After all, isn’t there just that one ABC song that everyone learns in school, with maybe slight variations for “now I’ve learned my ABCs” versus “now I’ve said … Continue reading My Current Top Two ABC Songs for Toddlers

Elmo Makes Everything Better

Like most toddlers (including me at this age), my daughter would easily tell you if she could that Sesame Street is her favorite children’s TV show. She likes a lot of shows, but she’s in love with Elmo, so when it comes to children’s TV shows, Sesame Street is the one. Also like many toddlers, … Continue reading Elmo Makes Everything Better