The Birth of a Playroom

Once upon a time, Pop Culture Dad and I had a formal study. It was a beautiful and rich red, drybrush-painted by yours truly. It was such a fantastic room that it housed many of our family pictures. Actually, that's pretty much all it did unless we were throwing a party.Ah... Sigh... So adult...Two of [...]

If I Can Pin It, I CAN Do It: Pop Culture Toddler 2’s First Birthday Party

Photo by M Photography Look at that smile!As of Saturday, September 29th, Pop Culture Baby 2 (AKA Brennan) is a baby no more. My little princess is now one.I started party planning mode months in advance. At first, I was set on doing a Lil' Angels theme after finding some of the decorations on clearance at [...]

On “Meeting” My Friends

For those of you who actually read and pay attention to all or most of my posts, I imagine a few of you may be thinking, “Well, it’s the end of June. Whatever happened to that April meetup with the other Mommy Bloggers? Ooh.. I bet it got cancelled or didn’t go well.” If there’s [...]

Lay Off Natalie Portman, "Feminists"

So around the same time I was happily weeping at Natalie Portman's Oscar speech and her beautiful declaration that motherhood would be her most important role, some self-proclaimed feminists were lambasting her for that same statement. For shame!First, let me say that I consider myself (among other things) a feminist. I firmly believe women can [...]

Total Baby iPhone App Review

Developer: ANDesignedPrice: $4.99PCM Rating: 5 out of 5I wish I'd had an iPhone or iPod Touch when I first had Pop Culture Toddler, and if I'd had one, I wish I would have had this app. The Total Baby app is one part Itz Been™ timer, one part baby book, one part photo album, and [...]

What I’m Looking Forward to Most in 2011

There are a lot of things I look forward to in 2011, but nothing more than my meetup with my two closest friends I’ve never seen (in person).I know for many, if not most, people, it’s unusual to say that someone’s among your “closest friends” if you’ve never met in person, but this is actually [...]

Hard Working Mom But No Claire Huxtable

I'm black. I'm a hard working mom. I'm a lawyer. I'm sassy. I'm a great dancer, and I love to sing. But that's where the similarities between Claire Huxtable and me end. Growing up, Mrs. Huxtable, attorney at mom, was my perfect example of a hard working mom. She still is. Although I don't want [...]