About Pop Culture Mom

Welcome to my little blog!IMG_4151

I am a full-time lawyer and mom and a part-time writer. The “Pop Culture Mom” was born in 2010 when I was a Featured Blogger for What to Expect, writing a little blog known as “Blogiary of a Mad Black Woman” (est. 2008) and my parenting posts became more and more saturated with the world of Real HousewivesGlee, iPhone app reviews, and whatever other pop culture subjects were tickling my fancy. Music, television, movies, and all things entertainment are a big part of our family life in the Pop Culture Household, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Other big issues? Race and politics. My opinions are informed, and I’m not shy about them. Don’t like what I have to say? Meh… it’s better to just ignore me, because I’m not going away any time soon!

I’m also the mother of three biracial cuties, the Pop Culture Girls. The oldest is “Little Diva.” She’s a very talkative (like her mom), hyper dramatic (good and bad) singer/dancer/artist/wannabe-show-kid [not happening on our watch, BTW], whose current aspirations are to be a children’s book author and illustrator (slash actress slash YouTube sensation slash veterinarian… you know, despite her debilitating animal allergies). “Super Girl” is my middle kid. She was given that nickname (among many others) by one of my best friends when Super Girl was not even a year old. This super kid kept hitting her milestones on the earliest points imaginable and also seemed to have some sort of super human strength. Now entering pre-K the super human strength seems to have disappeared, but she’s still far ahead of her time, and every day sounds like the “old soul” label the nurses branded her with at the hospital when she was only a few hours old. And now we have the littlest (and last) Pop Culture Kid, ZayDay. Her personality is still forming, but it’s safe to say at this point that she is the sweetest yet most no-nonsense baby there ever was. Pop Culture Girls

And, of course, there’s my sometimes patient, sometimes not, partner-in-crime, Pop Culture Dad—the first person I would call to join my team if ever VH1 should resurrect its pop culture quiz challenge. He’s never seen a movie or television show whose lines he couldn’t (and hasn’t) memorized, and his eclectic taste in music is the second most confusing many have ever seen [mine would be the first].

Pop Culture Dad

We have a full cast of crazies in our lives who occasionally make appearances in my mentions… Stick around, and you’ll get to know them all.