Parenthood: "She’s So White!"

While I was party planning this afternoon, I started watching last night's episode of 'Parenthood'. Barely five minutes in, I fell over laughing when Crosby held up his newly-born daughter and exclaimed with shock, "She's so white!" And 10 minutes in, I nearly died again when Grandpa Braverman said, "She's even lighter than she was in … Continue reading Parenthood: "She’s So White!"

What’s in a Name? A Lot, Actually

On las week's episode of Castle, Beckett and Castle had to find and question a witness named Bram Stoker. Yes, as in "Bram Stoker's Dracula." Once they found Mr. Stoker, this was the exchange:Becket: Excuse me? Bram Stoker?Bram: Yeah.Beckett: Det. Kate Beckett, NYPDCastle: And might I say how youthful you look.Bram: [sarcastically] Witty! Never heard … Continue reading What’s in a Name? A Lot, Actually

App Review: Baby’s Touch

Developer: IronpaperPlatform: iPhone 3GS & higher, iPod Touch - 3rd generation and higher, iPad. iOS 5 requiredPrice: $0.99Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 out of 5)"This is so pointless... so mindless... so PERFECT!"^^ That is what Pop Culture Dad said the first time he saw Pop Culture Toddler2 playing with Baby's Touch. His sentiment accurately reflects my feelings … Continue reading App Review: Baby’s Touch

PSA for the Day: Your Sick Kids

This morning I was getting Pop Culture Preschooler settled in at the breakfast table at school, and one of her little friends announced to the table, "I'm eating a lot, because I throwed up." I said something like, "Oh you got the stomach bug last week, too?". One of the teachers worriedly rushed over and … Continue reading PSA for the Day: Your Sick Kids

Porsha Picks Her Baby (RHOA)

After the AMAs last night, I started catching up on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Wow. The new chicks.... just... wow. Kenya is clearly cray cray, and there isn't much to be said about her that hasn't been said already. But Porsha? Oh wow... This girl is a perky little something. The whole time she … Continue reading Porsha Picks Her Baby (RHOA)