Why I’m Now (Probably) an Ulta Customer for Life

Why I’m Now (Probably) an Ulta Customer for Life

When you're a woman of color, particular if your skin tone skews more brown than beige, shopping for makeup is exhausting, frustrating, and sometimes even humiliating. Even though it is 2015, many makeup companies haven't attempted to make many shades for us darker ladies.

I am SO not the Early Adopter Type (Anymore)

I used to be the ultimate techno geek. If I didn't buy a product first, I darn sure knew about it before anyone in my circle. And then… life happened (I got one, I guess?). Kids happened. And then iPhone happened.  I was told very early in my Apple indoctrination induction to never buy the [...]

How Complete Strangers Reacted When My Toddler Acted out in Public (You Might be Surprised!)

This afternoon, Super Girl had an epic tantrum in the checkout line at the craft store. I got to the register and let the checkout girl know I had to put something back while she was ringing up. I then returned every craft SG had picked out. While she kept screaming over and over, "I [...]

And I Shall Buy a Thousand Swiffers!

Have you seen the new Swiffer commercial?? The one with Zack Rukavina,the guy who lost his arm to cancer, and his beautiful multiracial family?? I almost cried tears of joy when I saw it this morning. We already have a Swiffer mop, but we will never buy generic refills again. More money to Swiffer and [...]

The Birth of a Playroom

Once upon a time, Pop Culture Dad and I had a formal study. It was a beautiful and rich red, drybrush-painted by yours truly. It was such a fantastic room that it housed many of our family pictures. Actually, that's pretty much all it did unless we were throwing a party.Ah... Sigh... So adult...Two of [...]

Well… We Weren’t Expecting THAT

When I decided to convert Super Girl's room from Care Bears to owls and giraffes a few months ago, I started snatching up every cute thing I could find that fit the theme and already existing colors. One of the first things I found was this adorable picture from Home Goods:As you can see, the [...]

A Brief Word About the Rock N’ Play Recall

As you may or may not have heard by now, The Fisher-Price Rock N' Play sleeper was recalled for mold exposure issues. Now, before you start freaking out that those evil people at Fisher-Price were selling a baby product containing mold or oddly designed to allow mold. No, they didn't. Yes, Fisher-Price received 600 reports [...]