Why #iCan’t with Macklemore Anymore

Macklemore and his fake social activism is more tiresome than the people defending him as "the best hip-hop anything, ever… even though we've never actually listened to hip-hop." But the more his old tweets surface, the more sketchy and inconsistent his claims of dependency and recovery become, the more he tries to claim this loving [...]

Two Things Y’all Apparently Didn’t Know About Wentworth Miller

Two Things Y’all Apparently Didn’t Know About Wentworth Miller

  As you have probably heard, yesterday Wentworth Miller told the St. Petersburg International Film Festival [I'm paraphrasing here]: "Thanks but no thanks for your invitation to appear at your festival, but as long as your country is oppressing gay people like me, you can go f*** yourselves." And people, gay and straight alike, lost [...]

But If Gay People Have Families, What Will You Tell Your Kids?

One (ignorant) argument I always hear against marriage equality or adoption equality is that if gay couples get married and/or have children, the bigots some people don't know how to explain the concept to children. Well,bigots confused people, be confused no more! We addressed that issue in my house tonight with our four year old, [...]

This MONTH I’m Loving… Fall Returns to TV!!

There is nothing a TVophile loves more than the start of the fall season, and I am there, baby! I am that dork who puts show premieres on my calendar so I don't miss anything by allowing my ADD to let me forget when a show is set to start. For shows that are already [...]

My Jillian Michaels Mini-Rant

Oh, are you here because you thought I was ranting against Jillian Michaels? Boy are you out of luck. Look, personally, I'm no Jillian Michaels super fan. I didn't watch The Biggest Loser [I've seen it maybe three times ever]. I got her Wii Fitness game a couple years ago, and it bored me to [...]

And This Is Why Old Wives’ Tales Are Stupid

Every pregnant woman has experienced it. Before you find out your baby's gender (or before you give birth if you opt, as I did, to not find out your baby's gender), nearly every person with whom you have contact will try to guess whether you're having a boy or a girl. Some people just go [...]