Why #iCan’t with Macklemore Anymore

Macklemore and his fake social activism is more tiresome than the people defending him as “the best hip-hop anything, ever… even though we’ve never actually listened to hip-hop.” But the more his old tweets surface, the more sketchy and inconsistent his claims of dependency and recovery become, the more he tries to claim this loving relationship with Kendrick Lamar, and the less Mary Lambert gets acknowledged for her major contribution to his success, the harder it gets for me to stick with my original thoughts of “I LOVE this guy! I just think there are certainly better hip-hop artists who are actually hip-hop, rather than hip-pop.”

I mean, these 2009 tweets of his are real and verified [not that anyone was trying to pretend to be Macklemore in 2009 anyway]:

Not exactly the beacon of LGBT rights, is he? And don’t give me that, “this was five years ago; maybe he changed” crap. If you read his interviews, he allegedly came to his enlightened positions on LGBT rights when he was young. You know… That uncle he’s always invoking?

His tales of dependency and recovery make no sense. He always claims alcohol dependency but the drugs he claims change every time he gives an interview. It started with OxyContin dependency, and now his claim is weed and sizzurup (Google it). But he’s also never been to an NA meeting and claims he’s too busy to do AA consistently. I get that not all sober people do AA or NA, but if you know any recovered addicts, you know they aren’t dealing with his (alleged) drug issues at AA meetings. Also, he’s going to AA when it’s convenient for him to bring along a Rolling Stones reporter; but he’s clearly busier than Ben Affleck (who regularly attends meetings), even though no one knew who the heck Macklemore was back in 2008, which is the time he “more or less” got sober. Which is another thing. Tell me one recovered addict (other than Macklemore) who can’t tell you the day s/he had his/her last drink/hit, let alone year. Seriously, he doesn’t know the year?? I mean, maybe he was soberish and slipped or has never fully and truly done a recovery program but is still sober. That’s still great. But why do you feel the need to bring an interviewer along when you actually decide to go to a meeting??? This self-promotion crap is so old… so very tired.
People are starting to catch on to this guy. These old tweets have found new life today. Even the women at Jezebel (who love him so very much) are starting to talk about it (http://groupthink.jezebel.com/presented-without-comment-1509651073).
Look Macklemore defenders, it isn’t that we can’t accept a white rapper. We accept Eminem just fine. Snow too. Bestie Boys, hell yes! It isn’t that we can’t accept rappers who don’t sing about bling-bling, bitches,and hoes either. The list of rappers who defy that stereotype is actually really long. Anyone who actually listens to hip-hop could rattle off 10 socially conscious hip-hop artists in 10 seconds. People who think rap is only about “bitches and hoes” and guns and bling clearly know nothing about rap—not its roots and not its present. The problem with Macklemore isn’t his whiteness and it isn’t his (alleged) consciousness; it’s his personal narrative and his placement. 
The man can flow. He would’ve been famous even if he acknowledged his past dickishness and didn’t try to fabricate this haggard backstory. But now, here’s where the famous backlash begins. If Macklemore befalls the same fate as Vanilla Ice, it won’t be the “white rapper” curse; it’ll be the “big liar” curse. Lying didn’t work for Milli Vanilli, and it shouldn’t work for him either. 
Also, I’m sorry, but Macklemore isn’t everything in rap. He can’t even get played on most hip-hop channels, but he owns every pop station. And, again, don’t give me that “it’s because he’s white” shit, because Eminem has an entire channel on Sirius/XM (Shade 45)
It’s a damn shame Macklemore turned out to be such a putz, because I really like some of his music. 

Two Things Y’all Apparently Didn’t Know About Wentworth Miller


As you have probably heard, yesterday Wentworth Miller told the St. Petersburg International Film Festival [I’m paraphrasing here]: “Thanks but no thanks for your invitation to appear at your festival, but as long as your country is oppressing gay people like me, you can go f*** yourselves.” And people, gay and straight alike, lost their damn minds.

I was (and still am) perplexed. I mean, didn’t everyone know he’s gay by now? I thought that closet door had long been open and shut behind him. He didn’t have some huge coming out cover story on People or anything, but most people don’t. He’s never tried to lie about his sexual orientation and never had a beard. Heck, I remember having this discussion with some women in my former mommy group four years ago. And that discussion revealed another thing those women apparently didn’t know about Wentworth Miller (and I found a lot of people were as in the dark as they were).
So here are two facts that I have known about Wentworth Miller since his Prison Break days (even though I never watched that show; I only admired his beautiful face and body), and which I have wrongly assumed everyone knew:
1. Wentworth Miller is gay. 
Here’s a picture with his boyfriend (actor Luke MacFarlane) from 2007 described back then in an article as him coming out. 
2. Wentworth Miller is black (well, half-black).1

An old yearbook picture of WM with hair

El Hottie with his uncle and father
Bam! Minds blown.


Well, unless you were paying attention the past few years, in which case, this is all duuuuuuuuh!

FN 1. Also, FYI, other black/half-black celebrities that no one seems to know (incognegro?) are: Jennifer Beals, Vin Diesel, Rashida Jones, Soledad O’Brien, Slash, Mariah Carey, Pete Wentz, Cash Warren, Carol Channing…

But If Gay People Have Families, What Will You Tell Your Kids?

One (ignorant) argument I always hear against marriage equality or adoption equality is that if gay couples get married and/or have children, the bigots some people don’t know how to explain the concept to children. Well,bigots confused people, be confused no more! We addressed that issue in my house tonight with our four year old, and I would like to share with you how it went.

There’s a boy in Little Diva’s class we will call B. B and Little Diva have known each other since they were 18 months old and went to The Little Gym and then eventually preschool together. When they were in the same class at The Little Gym and at their first school, one of B’s mommies was always with him. Same when they had swim class together. Since the kids started their new school last year, B’s other mommy (who stopped working when she had twins) has been the one we see all the time. In the three years Little Diva has known B, it has never occurred to her that she used to see one lady all the time and then she started seeing another lady all the time. It didn’t even occur to her when she saw them together and heard mention of B’s mommies.

Flash-forward to tonight: At dinner, Little Diva is telling us how B’s older sister got sick, so his mommy came to pick her up, but he stayed at school. And then she paused for a minute and started marveling at how big B’s family was. When trying to count his family members, Little Diva said “Omigosh! He has daddy and his mommy and his older sister and his baby sister and his baby brother! That’s, like seven [sic] people in his family!”. When she said “his daddy,” Pop Culture Dad and I looked at each other, and he gave me a glance that said “you take this one!”.

When Little Diva was done with her (erroneous) counting, I first corrected the number and then the family structure. “Honey,” I said, “[B] doesn’t have a daddy; he has two mommies.” So how did Little Diva react to this earth shattering news? “Oh! Okay! So he has two mommies and his older sister and his baby brother and his baby sister and him. Six. That’s six people. That’s a big family!” Yeah, I’d say she handled it just fine.

So if you’re one of those assholespeople who thinks that others should be denied the basic and fundamental civil right of marriage and family simply *because you’re worried about how in the world we’re supposed to explain this kind of thing to our kids, worry no more. Chances are, they’ll probably handle the issue better than you apparently have.

*Side bar: If you’re one of those people who thinks we should deny others the basic and fundamental civil right of marriage and family (and the thousands of legal benefits granted in this country that come with the status of marriage) simply because your interpretation of your religion forbids it, then might I remind you: (I) of the anti-establishment clause of the First Amendment and that we don’t live on a theocracy [try Iran. I’m sure you’ll love it there]; and (II) no one’s forcing you to marry someone of the same sex.

This MONTH I’m Loving… Fall Returns to TV!!

There is nothing a TVophile loves more than the start of the fall season, and I am there, baby!

I am that dork who puts show premieres on my calendar so I don’t miss anything by allowing my ADD to let me forget when a show is set to start. For shows that are already in our DVR playlist and which don’t have any dramatic shifts in time slot, we are good to go, but the new shows are sometimes tricky to keep track of.

This week, Entertainment Weekly came out with their Fall TV preview issue:

There is so much awesomeness on that cover, I didn’t know where to begin. Actually, that’s a lie. I began with Once Upon a Time, which is easily my favorite television drama right now. Thank you, ABC, for the mini-marathon last weekend!

Once was very closely followed by The Big Bang Theory (my favorite comedy), then The New Girl (my favorite theme song), the The Mindy Project (one of my most anticipated new shows).

What will the Pop Culture Household (or at least two of us) be watching this year?

Returning Shows

Once Upon a Time (Sept. 30, ABC)
Family Guy (Sept. 30, Fox)
Dexter (Sept. 30, Showtime)

Bones (Sept. 17, Fox)
How I Met Your Mother (Sept. 24, CBS)
2 Broke Girls (Sept. 24, CBS)
Mike & Molly (Sept. 24, CBS)
Castle (Sept. 24, ABC)

Private Practice (Sept. 25, ABC)
Happy Endings (Oct. 23, ABC)
Don’t Trust the B— in Apt. 23 (Oct. 23, ABC)
Raising Hope (Oct. 2, Fox)
The New Girl (Sept. 25, Fox)

Modern Family (Sep. 26, ABC)
Law & Order: SVU (Sept. 26, NBC)
Suburgatory (Oct. 17, ABC)
American Horror Story (Oct. 17, FX)

Glee (Sept. 13, Fox)
Up All Night (Sept. 20, NBC)
Parks and Recreation (Sept. 20, NBC)
The Office (Sept. 20, NBC)
The Big Bang Theory (Sept. 27, CBS)
30 Rock (Oct. 4, NBC)

Whitney (Oct. 19, NBC)
Community (Oct. 19, NBC)

Saturday Night Live (Sept. 15, NBC) — the first host will be Seth MacFarlane with musical guest Frank Ocean. Yes, please.

New Shows (We will watch these until they suck or get cancelled):*

*indicates I have already watched the pilot on U-verse OnDemand—thank you Big Four networks for making that happen (well, some of you, anyway)!

666 Park Avenue (Sept. 30, ABC)
Call the Midwife (Sept. 30, PBS) — you had me at the title

Revolution (Sept. 17, NBC) — blatant Hunger Games ripoff, and I don’t care
Partners (Sept. 24, CBS)

*Go On (Sept. 11, NBC)
*The New Normal (Sept. 11, NBC)
*Ben and Kate (Sept. 25, Fox)
*The Mindy Project (Sept. 25, Fox)

Guys With Kids (Sept. 26, NBC)
*Animal Practice (Sept. 26, NBC)
Nashville (Oct. 10, ABC)— I’m a sucker for Hayden Panettierre’s one-note acting
The Neighbors (Sept. 26, ABC)

Elementary (Sept. 27, CBS) — Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Lu? Yes!

Made in New Jersey (Sept. 28, CBS)

So, yes, if it is not totally obvious, I watch a lot of television. A lot. This doesn’t even count the shows I love on alternative cable networks, like Psych on USA, which has its own weird season. Now, I just need to go clear the DVR of old Bubble Guppies, Peppa Pig, and Sesame Street episodes [Season 43 premieres Sept. 24, BTW], so we have room for all the grown-up shows!

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My Jillian Michaels Mini-Rant

Oh, are you here because you thought I was ranting against Jillian Michaels? Boy are you out of luck.

Look, personally, I’m no Jillian Michaels super fan. I didn’t watch The Biggest Loser [I’ve seen it maybe three times ever]. I got her Wii Fitness game a couple years ago, and it bored me to tears — now I know why it was on sale. I don’t dislike her though. And, quite honestly, on a daily basis, I don’t even think about her. I imagine most people don’t.

All of the sudden, though, Jillian becomes a mom, and she’s everywhere you look. Last week, when I saw the first picture of her adopted daughter and newborn son, as they say on Ni-Hao, Kai-Lan, “It made my heart feel super happy!”. I’m one of those mommy-geeks, so any time I see a picture of a happy mother and child, I’m ecstatic. Even moreso than my usual mom-geekdom, however, I was overjoyed because Ms. Michaels and her partner adopted a child from Haiti and their biological baby [yes, I said “their.” DEAL WITH IT] looks (though I am not sure if she is) biracial.

And then I read the comments on the article on People.com, and my super happy heart got super stabby. Forgive me, I’m still training myself to ignore the comments. I have to keep reminding myself that the anonymity of the internet makes every darn fool come out and show off their ignorance. I have to tell myself that most people don’t think like the people who comment on news (including entertainment news) articles… If I let myself think that most of the world thinks like the comment world, I truly could not live here. I could not.

Apparently people of the Comment World fall into the following camps: (1) normal people who are happy to see a happy mother and that people are adopting [these are my peeps]; (2) people who are upset her child(ren are) is black; and (3) people who, most of whom weren’t even aware of Jillian Michaels’ sexuality prior to this point (I know I wasn’t; didn’t care either way. Still don’t.), who can’t get over the “OMG, she’s gay! And why do gay people have babies? And is she going to make these babies gay? And that child isn’t hers if she didn’t carry it or contribute an egg!” camp. These are the people I’m ranting against. In a word: Seriously?!?!?!

First, how in the world does it affect you at all if Jillian Michaels and her partner, any other gay couple in the world, or even one singular gay person, has a child? You can’t make someone gay by raising them with a gay parent or two–if you could, then straight people wouldn’t keep having so many gay children, now would they? And even if you could “make” someone gay, who the eff cares?? How does anyone else’s sexuality affect you on a personal basis, unless that person is the one with whom you are partnered?

I, for one, am glad to see children being raised in a loving home, and I am especially glad to see black children being adopted. Unless or until someone else adopts a needy child, I don’t want to hear boo about what you think about another couple’s right to adopt. NOTHING. Haters will hate, but they certainly won’t do anything to help, now will they?

So, although I was Jillian Michaels neutral, consider me a new fan… of her as a mother. To those of you out there who are negatively and hyper concerned about the gender of the person she loves or the color of her children’s skin, go get a life, why dontcha?

(photo by People magazine)

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And This Is Why Old Wives’ Tales Are Stupid

Every pregnant woman has experienced it. Before you find out your baby’s gender (or before you give birth if you opt, as I did, to not find out your baby’s gender), nearly every person with whom you have contact will try to guess whether you’re having a boy or a girl. Some people just go on vibes and gut feelings. Some guess based on the genders of your other children, if any. But many, if not most, revert to old wives’ tales. 
Using old wives’ tales to guess gender can be fun, no doubt. But just like Inelligender, take it with a grain of salt. There is a 50/50 chance of them being right–the same odds as if you flip a coin. I have no problem with people having fun with a good guess. But the people who take these things seriously and insist on their correctness… yeah, those people made me stabby when I was pregnant. And for all those people, here’s my nah-nah-ne-boo-boo to you–My handy dandy chart of how the old wives’ tales meant nothing when it came to Pop Culture Preschooler and Pop Culture Baby:
Old Wives’ Tale
Pop Culture Preschooler
Pop Culture Baby
Carrying: High (girl) vs Low (boy) High Low
Can you tell mom is pregnant from the back? (yes = girl) YES No
Girls steal mom’s beauty Definitely. I was fug. Looking better than ever
Acne? Tons. What is this–high school?? My skin has never been more clear
Breast growth? Up two cup sizes in the first trimester (yes!!) Stayed practically the same until birth (boo)
Cravings? Salty and tart for boys. Sugary for girls ground beef, chili, pineapple, lemons, ice cream, cake pineapple, lemons, donuts, crawfish
Heart rate (>140 = girl) 130s 150s
Morning Sickness? (girls make you sick) None Tons… for nearly 20 weeks
Ring Swing: back and forth, girl. Circle, boy circle back and forth
Intelligender result N/A boy

I have two girls.
Regardless of what the old wives’ tales say each aspect should mean, the bottom line is my pregnancies couldn’t have been more different (except, you know, lemons and pineapples; but I crave those even not pregnant). It doesn’t end here. Name one aspect of pregnancy, I can tell you how nothing was the same from my first pregnancy to the second. The bottom line is, the old wives’ tales mean nothing. There is no magic formula that’s going to tell you what gender your baby is. The closest you can get to accuracy is an ultrasound, and, well, even those mess up sometimes. Sorry, ladies.