Bobby Brown: It Turns Out His Services Weren’t Need Anyway | The Pop Culture Mom

Bobby Brown doesn't just act so extra, he was completely extraneous to New Edition. The concert was better without him. #newblogpost #nobobbynoproblems [green_message]Source: [/green_message] If you like more things like this, follow me on Facebook at

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? Hell yeah, we do! (Sewing Project) | The Pop Culture Mom

The Pop Culture Girls are so excited! We're going to a public #Frozen singalong tonight, and they're going to wear their new Elsa and Anna costumes. [green_message]Source: [/green_message] If you like more things like this, follow me on Facebook at

Some Relationship Advice for Selena Gomez

Photo by Michelle Watson/Catchlight GroupSelena,Can I call you that? Miss Gomez is probably more formal since we don't know each other. But since I'm old enough to have been your babysitter [or, if I had made more mistakes in high school, your mother] and we aren't doing business together, "Miss Gomez" just seems weird. But [...]

Why #iCan’t with Macklemore Anymore

Macklemore and his fake social activism is more tiresome than the people defending him as "the best hip-hop anything, ever… even though we've never actually listened to hip-hop." But the more his old tweets surface, the more sketchy and inconsistent his claims of dependency and recovery become, the more he tries to claim this loving [...]

Review and GIVEAWAY!! Win a copy of Sandra Boyton’s "Frog Trouble"

Disclaimer: I did not and will not receive any financial compensation for this post. I received a copy of the Frog Trouble CD for review purposes. All opinions expressed in the review are solely the opinions of the Pop Culture Family and shall in no way be imputed to the Warner Music Group, Sandra Boyton, or Big [...]

Song of the Summer? How About MAN of the Summer?

Apparently, there has been a lot of not-so-academic debate going on about what the true song of the summer of 2013 is. The head-to-head competition is between Daft Punk ("Get Lucky") and Robin Thicke ("Blurred Lines"). Although the side one chooses is generally determined by the genre of music one prefers [sorry, you're not going [...]