Undercover Sistah Day on Suits

On Wednesday night, two of my guilty pleasures came together… well, three, actually. Suits + Pretty Little Liars + two of my favorite undercover sistahs, Meghan Markle and Troian Bellisario.

Claire and Rachel face off (Getty Images)



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I know I’ve mentioned many times how I enjoy being the “Biracial Whisperer.” PLL‘s Troian Bellisario and Suit‘s Meghan Markle are two of my favorite examples of biracial incognegroes — beautiful biracial women (each has a black mother and white father—like my girls; Troian’s mom is actress Deborah Pratt) who many people are shocked to find out are black [though at least Suits has helped uncover that mystery by revealing in season 3 that Rachel Zane, Meghan Markle’s character, is biracial].

In a Yahoo Entertainment interview this week about Claire’s return to Suits, the interviewer mentions to Troian how much she and Meghan look alike, which adds an interesting layer to the story that Rachel and Claire have dated the same man [“Mike Ross,” Claire’s ex and Rachel Zane’s current fiancé on the show, who is played by Patrick J. Adams, Troian’s fiancé in real life. Wrap your mind around that one]. They kind of do. Observe:

Meghan Markle on Suits (Getty Images)


Troian Bellisario


It was both awesome and weird seeing these two share screen time together. I was still riding off the high of the Pretty Little Liars summer finale [OMG, was that crazy, or what???], and in waltzes Claire / Spencer / Troian. Wild! Although I would love to see more of them together hanging out, becoming BFFs, braiding each other’s hair, whatever), I won’t hold my breath, seeing how Troian’s a little busy running from some new A every season.

Dear Reality TV and Other Camera-Whoring Celebs—Cut the Bullshit

Earlier this afternoon. Bruce Jenner was in a car accident that proved fatal for at least one person. While causes of the accident are still under investigation, there has been some speculation that the accident occurred when Bruce was trying to get away from paparazzi. If this is the case… Are you fucking kidding me???

I’m sorry, but you don’t get that right. Sure, any other oerson walking down the street, even kids of celebrities or celebrities who (other than red carpet or multi-celebrity events and parties) generally seem to avoid the limelight—we all get that right for a life free of paparazzi intrusion. But reality TV “celebrities” and other stars who constantly pimp their mug for camera time? Nope, not you.
I mean, we are talking about someone who has voluntarily spent several seasons having cameras follow him and his entire awful family around, a man who is currently whoring himself on camera through one of the most difficult life experiences a person can have (and who all but called a national press conference to announce he was doing so). Now someone in the Kardashian/Jenner clan wants to hide from cameras? 
Hmm… Not hiding here…

No. Not this time, buddy. 
You already thrust yourself upon us, practically ramming the life of the Kardashian/Jenners down our collective throats. You wanted fame and 24-hour, around-the-clock cameras? You got ’em! And now you need to take your celebrity (as we say in the legal field) cum onere. You can’t have all the benefits and ignore the burdens. No cherrypicking! You get the entirety of this in-your-face star status you so desperately wanted. You don’t get to run from the paparazzi, no matter how despicable they are.
You signed up for this. You weren’t a royal who was forced to deal with the media. You aren’t the child of a celebrity who didn’t ask for any of this. You aren’t even one of those celebrities who basically stays as far away as you can from cameras until it is time to promote your next movie or album. And you definitely aren’t the other people who were just on the street, minding their own business. And now, because you were (possibly) outrunning those few cameras who were going to sell your picture without the profits coming back to you, someone has lost a life.
Not cool. Not cool at all.
So to the Kardashian/Jenners, the Real Housewives of Wherever USA, and every other actual real celebrity out there who likes to throw his or her face (boobs, abs, and whatever else) in front of the camera at every turn [say, for example, a Justin Bieber-type], you don’t have the right to endanger the lives of civilians simply because a camera who actually didn’t call (this time) was thrust in your face.

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Surprise! Naya Rivera Is Married – See Her Wedding Pics

Naya Rivera is like a little girl lost. First she gets engaged to a guy she’s barely been dating (who she met on Twitter). He calls off the engagement, and three months later, she’s announcing her marriage to someone else??


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I am the Biracial Whisperer (or Maybe I have Biracialdar?)

I was watching ‘Suits’ this morning and actually paying close attention for a change. There was a close up of Rachel (played by Meghan Markle) taking the LSATs. I saw her freckles and hair and immediately and excitedly blurted (out loud, sadly), “OMG! She’s biracial!” For some reason, I always had assumed she was Hispanic, even though “Zane” (her character’s last name) isn’t a particularly Latino name. But there wasn’t any mistaking the HD closeup. I Googled “Meghan Markle biracial,” and BOOM, there it was. Just like my kids, her mom is black, and her father is white of Irish descent.

Meghan Markle and her mother (from her Instagram)

Mariah Carey… Jennifer Beals… Rashida Jones… Soledad O’Brien…  Vin Diesel… Wentworth Miller… and now Rachel Markle. Even before seeing some “OMG! She looks white, but SURPRISE!!” article, I could tell they were biracial. Look, I know I am not the only one. There are probably a lot of you reading this going, “Duh! I knew too!” But, just like when a celebrity comes out as gay or lesbian, there’s something oddly wonderful and fantastic to me about finding the closeted (whether it is simply because the issue has never been raised or addressed because here’s no necessity to it or because a record company or TV producer intentionally wanted to leave the impression that the performer is white) biracial people.

I also get people who don’t understand my excitement about these discoveries. But for those people, when someone asks you if or implies that you are the nanny of your own child, you’ll get it.





What is the Breakup Bitterness Window?

Just a little warning: Last night’s VMAs provided me with such good raw material that I might end up riding this train all the way to the end of my “31 Write Now” challenge. That being said, let’s get to our first subject: Taylor Swift.
Oh, Taylor!
Taylor Swift looked so beautiful last night at last night’s VMAs. When Pop Culture Dad and I saw her being interviewed on the red carpet, at first we didn’t even know who she was. Miss Swift has certainly grown up nicely. Or so we thought…
Barely 10 minutes into the show, One Direction took the stage for the first time. Insert Taylor’s first recorded f-bomb of the night. One of many, it seemed. Throughout the night, you could see gorgeous, grown up-looking Taylor whispering to her bestie, Selena Gomez, some version of “f*** you,” “f*** off,” or “shut the f*** up” EVERY TIME One Direction (and ex-Harry Styles) took the stage. Pop Culture Dad mentioned it after the first time: “Didn’t that look like Taylor Swift just said, ‘F*** you”? Why is she saying that? Is it to Selena Gomez?? Why?”. That’s when I had to explain the One Direction connection to him. Pop Culture Dad was as instantly confused as anyone with any sense of rationality should be, “I mean, did they date a long time? How many guys has she dated since then? Did they just break up or something?” Exxxxxxxxxactly. And, if the F-bombs weren’t enough, when Taylor accepted her award for the video for “I Knew You Were Trouble,” she decided to give a virtual f-you to the man who inspired the song who “knew who” he is [which is pretty odd, since according to many sources, the song could easily be about one of three guys, even though the most likely and most famously suspected source is the fabulous Mr. Gyllenhaal… see more on this below].

Along with Miley’s awful “twerking” incident (more on that tomorrow), Taylor Swift’s rage was a hot topic of conversation this morning. Nicole on the Morning Mashup asked, “How long exactly should you still be bitter? A couple of months, maybe?” My answer to Nicole (via Twitter) was, “You’re right about Taylor Swift’s window. You should never be bitter longer than the relationship lasted!!! She has issues.” That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles started dating in late-November/early-December 2012. They broke up in early January 2013. Are you doing the math here? That’s approximately less than two months (depending on how early their courtship really began). Sure, they’d been on a couple of dates in the year prior to that, which apparently didn’t go anywhere and had no lasting affect on Taylor (as evidenced by the lack of songs about Harry Stiles), but for all intents and purposes, their “relationship” was that two-month period. And, more math here, that was more than seven months ago. Let me break this down: Taylor Swift has been bitter about her breakup with Harry Styles more than three times as long as the relationship lasted. That ain’t right.
Not only that, but Taylor has dated since then. I mean, not that I guess that means anything.
Honestly, I don’t know why I’m surprised she’s still raging after only a couple of months with some guy. In Taylorland, the majority of hunnies don’t seem to last very long as it is—but most seem to be around just long enough to get a song (or three) out of her. Billboard.com has put together a list of some of Taylor’s loves (rumored and confirmed) and the songs it suspects are attributable to these very short relationships [others have been supplemented from a Taylor Swift ex-love Wiki]:
  • Brandon Borello (? to ?) is the man behind “Tim McGraw.” This one was a sweet memoir of a past relationship, because young Taylor had not yet learned the bitter way of the worlds. Also, dear Brandon was only going to college, not dumping her because she was cray cray, so why do more than “something to remember her by”?
  • Unamed-“Redneck”-Who-Wouldn’t-Let-Her-Drive-His-Pickup-Truck (? to ?) is the inspiration behind “Picture to Burn.” Let the bitterness begin!
  • Sam Armstrong (? to ?) was the guy to whom she “dedicates” “Should’ve Said No,” and Taylor made it so clear that every time an S, A, or M appears in that order in the CD booklet, it was capitalized to spell out his name. Uh-oh, girl… We’re getting a little crazy now.
  • Joe Jonas (July 2008 – October 2008) inspired “Last Kiss” and “Forever and Always” (later she made nice with “Holy Ground”… guess she got over him? Well… Until she wrote “Better than Revenge” about his ex-girlfriend, Camila Belle. Damn girl! Put the claws back in.
  • Lucas Till (March 2009 – April 2009) managed to escape the song curse. I guess one undramatic month doesn’t provide enough song material?
  • Taylor Lautner (August 2009 – December 2009) — “Back to December,” an apology for dumping him (guess there’s a better treatment when the breakup is her idea?)
  • John Mayer (December 2009 – February 2010) is the guy for which “Dear John” (“Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with.” Uh… isn’t that your call, too, honey?) was written. There’s also some speculation that “I Knew You Were Trouble” (see also Jake Gyllenhaal and Harry Styles) may be about him
  • Cory Monteith (suspected April 2010 to May 2010) is thought to be the guy behind “Mine” (even though he was, if the unconfirmed rumors were true, not even hers for very long)
  • Jake Gyllenhaal (October 2010 to January 2011) apparently provided an entire album for Taylor in their very brief time together: “The Last Time,” “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” “State of Grace,” “All Too Well,” “Girl at Home,” “The Moment I Knew,” and “I Knew You Were Trouble” (in fact, the VMA she received for “Trouble” last night was dedicated to him)
  • Conor Kennedy (July 2012 – October 2012) “Begin Again”
  • Harry Styles (November/December 2012 – January 2013) – none as of yet, though there has also been speculation that “I Knew You Were Trouble” is about him.
None of these relationships even lasted a year. I mean, the girl is 23 now. Isn’t the time for high school obsession and infatuations to be over? Just because she dates teenagers doesn’t mean she needs to still act like one. Or, as one wise person pointed out, maybe her next song should be called, “Maybe I’m the Problem?”

Two Things Y’all Apparently Didn’t Know About Wentworth Miller


As you have probably heard, yesterday Wentworth Miller told the St. Petersburg International Film Festival [I’m paraphrasing here]: “Thanks but no thanks for your invitation to appear at your festival, but as long as your country is oppressing gay people like me, you can go f*** yourselves.” And people, gay and straight alike, lost their damn minds.

I was (and still am) perplexed. I mean, didn’t everyone know he’s gay by now? I thought that closet door had long been open and shut behind him. He didn’t have some huge coming out cover story on People or anything, but most people don’t. He’s never tried to lie about his sexual orientation and never had a beard. Heck, I remember having this discussion with some women in my former mommy group four years ago. And that discussion revealed another thing those women apparently didn’t know about Wentworth Miller (and I found a lot of people were as in the dark as they were).
So here are two facts that I have known about Wentworth Miller since his Prison Break days (even though I never watched that show; I only admired his beautiful face and body), and which I have wrongly assumed everyone knew:
1. Wentworth Miller is gay. 
Here’s a picture with his boyfriend (actor Luke MacFarlane) from 2007 described back then in an article as him coming out. 
2. Wentworth Miller is black (well, half-black).1

An old yearbook picture of WM with hair

El Hottie with his uncle and father
Bam! Minds blown.


Well, unless you were paying attention the past few years, in which case, this is all duuuuuuuuh!

FN 1. Also, FYI, other black/half-black celebrities that no one seems to know (incognegro?) are: Jennifer Beals, Vin Diesel, Rashida Jones, Soledad O’Brien, Slash, Mariah Carey, Pete Wentz, Cash Warren, Carol Channing…

Has Social Media Made Us a Less Forgiving Society?

This week, I was listening to Lance Bass’ “Dirty Pop” on my way home [Sirius/XM OutQ 109]. I don’t remember the celebrity or the topic that started the train of thought, but Lance and his co-hosts opined that society has become less forgiving of celebrities when they screw up, and they believed the rise of social media has a lot to do with that. I completely disagree.

According to the Dirty Pop Crew, thanks to celebrity and media over-saturation, now when we see a Lindsay Lohan or Paula Deen type, once they’ve messed up, we as a society get tired of hearing from them and want nothing to do with them. While I know I personally feel that way (and social media has little to do with it), that doesn’t seem to be the trend of celebrities in general.
Take Chris Brown for example. What the heck does this douchebag have to do in order for people to ask for him to disappear?? He nearly beat his girlfriend within an inch of her life [and, if you read the police report, it sounds like exactly what he was trying to do was kill her]. He barely showed any remorse for it, only instead giving interviews saying he was sorry if he disappointed his fans [that “I’m sorry if you think I should feel sorry for something” fake apology is the worst ever, and no rational person should ever fall for that!!] but then going on to have harsh words for his “haters,” because he was a “child of God,” so the rest of us could suck it. From that he has had several instances where he goes on Twitter tirades until his publicist or someone makes him delete his hateful tweets. And then, if all of that wasn’t bad enough on its own, the guy has an interview with Robin Roberts—fresh out of chemo—where afterwards he was so mad at her (and called her a few choice words) that he punched a mirror and threw a heavy chair out of a window and onto the street below. He never even tried to do a real or “I’m sorry you think I should feel sorry” apology for that either. But did people cut off Chris Brown? Did they ostracize him from the community of celebrities? Was his brand tarnished in the least? Nope. Not by his fans. Heck, shortly after he beat the crap out of Rihanna, some newlyweds became internet sensations for a YouTube video of their entire wedding party dancing down the aisle to “Forever.” That song is still used as an anthem for damn-near everything fun and celebratory. Chris Brown’s misguided fans continue to support him and all of his temper tantrums, and buy the line of horseshit he constantly tries to sell, painting himself as a victim. In fact, his popularity is at such an all-time high that it is apparently up to Chris Brown and Chris Brown alone to decide when it is time for him to quit… maybe. Chris Brown announced on Twitter this week that after his next album comes out this fall he is quitting music, because he’s tired of being famous for a “mistake” he made as a teenager rather than his music. Gee… that’s funny… Because from where I’m sitting, the only people who still focus on his “mistake” [seriously, I’m just angry he has the nerve to be dismissive like that] are those of us who didn’t give two craps about his music in the first place. Sure, before he revealed himself to be a jerkwad of ginormous proportions, I liked his music just fine. But there is NO performer good enough to make me overlook these kind of issues. I do have some morals, you know. In my household, the TV or radio is changed when he comes on. Sometimes I feel like I’m alone in my continued punishment of not-so-sorry sorry celebrities. But then something wonderful happens, like when Zynga stupidly tried to feature the phrase “Chris Brown” in its Daily Draw. The result was a lot of pictures of Rihanna’s bruised and battered face accompanied with statements that people needed to remember what this stain on humanity has really done with his life and realize why he should not be honored. My drawing skills skew more cartoon-oriented than life-like portrait-oriented, so my protest went thus:
Chris Brown isn’t the only celebrity who has gotten a pass on bad behavior. Sure, we’re sick of Lindsay Lohan now, but how many years of bad behavior did it take before we got there? Ten? I can’t even keep track anymore. And, really, it’s disingenuous to say that “we’re” sick of her. Obviously, someone still likes hearing about Lindsay Lohan, or I wouldn’t even know that she left rehab last week.
Paula Deen’s restaurant had a line out the door and around the block the week after details of her racism [no, not just 38 years ago, dolts!] emerged and after her four attempts at her bogus “I’m sorry if you felt offended” “apology.” Of course, the people waiting for hours and hours to go into her restaurant were probably also just racists and bigots who don’t think they’re racist and bigots [much like the people who lined up to line the corporate pockets of Chick-Fil-A in honor of its Hate Crime, er, CFA Appreciation Day don’t think they’re bigots… but they are]. But the fact is, while Paula Deen lost several endorsements and fans that month, she also gained just as many. In fact, despite being universally cut off from all of her former sponsors, many of them have announced recently that they’re going to take her back. No, she hasn’t done anything new or special to indicate she truly knows what a horrible person she was (is) and wants to change it. In fact, new allegations have since come out about how she asked black women working for her to dress like Aunt Jemima. The fact is, Twitter and Facebook have moved on, so now all of the corporate sponsors who threw up mock outrage (which, I’ll admit, looked real at the time) in June, now feel perfectly safe fully supporting someone they allegedly found so distasteful not even two months ago.Yes, Black Twitter made a mockery of her with the awesomely funny #PaulasBestDishes hashtag… but no one else seemed to care because she “had been punished enough” or “it’s old already.” 
Anthony Weiner… Do you remember the days when disgraced politicians would disappear and never come back? Or at least they’d disappear for a long enough time and re-emerge as so awesome of a character that you almost totally forgot what it was that they had done? Apparently, those days are gone. Twitter (or, rather, his inability to use good judgment on Twitter) did take him down. But… he popped back up… Same horndog, a-hole he was before. No changes, and this time no apologies. Heck, he’s even doubled-down on his jerkiness.
All of this is to say, while I agree with the Dirty Pop Crew that social media makes it easier to become aware of celebrities’ dirty deeds and makes it easier to judge them for it, social media has not in any way created this “gone and dead forever” scenario that the DPC claims exists. Celebrities these days bounce back like one of those inflatable punching bags—you keep pushing, but even the worst of them refuse to stay down. And these days, they don’t even bother with real and sincere apologies.