Undercover Sistah Day on Suits

Undercover Sistah Day on Suits

On Wednesday night, two of my guilty pleasures came together... well, three, actually. Suits + Pretty Little Liars + two of my favorite undercover sistahs, Meghan Markle and Troian Bellisario.     I know I've mentioned many times how I enjoy being the "Biracial Whisperer." PLL's Troian Bellisario and Suit's Meghan Markle are two of my favorite [...]

Dear Reality TV and Other Camera-Whoring Celebs—Cut the Bullshit

Earlier this afternoon. Bruce Jenner was in a car accident that proved fatal for at least one person. While causes of the accident are still under investigation, there has been some speculation that the accident occurred when Bruce was trying to get away from paparazzi. If this is the case... Are you fucking kidding me??? [...]

Surprise! Naya Rivera Is Married – See Her Wedding Pics

Naya Rivera is like a little girl lost. First she gets engaged to a guy she's barely been dating (who she met on Twitter). He calls off the engagement, and three months later, she's announcing her marriage to someone else?? http://ift.tt/1luIYlX [green_message]Source: http://ift.tt/1luIYlX [/green_message] If you like more things like this, follow me on Facebook [...]

I am the Biracial Whisperer (or Maybe I have Biracialdar?)

I was watching 'Suits' this morning and actually paying close attention for a change. There was a close up of Rachel (played by Meghan Markle) taking the LSATs. I saw her freckles and hair and immediately and excitedly blurted (out loud, sadly), "OMG! She's biracial!" For some reason, I always had assumed she was Hispanic, [...]

What is the Breakup Bitterness Window?

Just a little warning: Last night's VMAs provided me with such good raw material that I might end up riding this train all the way to the end of my "31 Write Now" challenge. That being said, let's get to our first subject: Taylor Swift. Oh, Taylor! Taylor Swift looked so beautiful last night at last night's [...]

Two Things Y’all Apparently Didn’t Know About Wentworth Miller

Two Things Y’all Apparently Didn’t Know About Wentworth Miller

  As you have probably heard, yesterday Wentworth Miller told the St. Petersburg International Film Festival [I'm paraphrasing here]: "Thanks but no thanks for your invitation to appear at your festival, but as long as your country is oppressing gay people like me, you can go f*** yourselves." And people, gay and straight alike, lost [...]

Has Social Media Made Us a Less Forgiving Society?

This week, I was listening to Lance Bass' "Dirty Pop" on my way home [Sirius/XM OutQ 109]. I don't remember the celebrity or the topic that started the train of thought, but Lance and his co-hosts opined that society has become less forgiving of celebrities when they screw up, and they believed the rise of [...]