Well, I Guess Sleepovers Are Out Now…

As you may have heard by now, on Monday, two boys, ages 4 and 6, died at a sleepover when they were crushed by a 14-foot, 100-pound python. When the story first began hitting the news, my friends and I immediately got suspicious of what really happened. None of the earlier reported details made any [...]

Abigail Fisher and Their Ilk Need a Lesson in Humility

I have made no secret over the years how I feel about entitled, self-important teens and "adults." The Supreme Court's decision in Fisher v. University of Texas has just brought all those old feelings to the surface.What I think about affirmative action is irrelevant to my feelings about Fisher.  The bottom line is that the [...]

Making Others’ Bad Grammar Work for You

I am one of those people who is a freak (and probably a pain) about good grammar. Sure, I make allowances for auto-correct or (in a casual or personal setting) mindless errors made by quick action and/or lack of proofreading. Heck, I'm not perfect; I realize (sometimes too late) that I make grammatical mistakes that [...]

What is a "Real Woman", Really?

This afternoon, The Huffington Post angered a number of fans on its Facebook page when it posted the following:The commentary contained a link to this article, which showcased a slideshow of real Huffington Post readers in bikinis. The angry commenters' problem was that they believed HuffPost's characterization of the women in the slideshow as "real [...]

So… Tell Me About Yourself

"Tell me about yourself..."--four little words that seem so simple. But are they?We've all heard it before. Dates, job interviews, small talk at a party or professional event. But how do we answer it? And what does our answer say about us?Obviously the answer to "tell me about yourself" is going to depend in part [...]

See? This Is Exactly What I Was Talking About

Some lawmakers in Texas and the lieutenant governor are now working on legislation to allow teachers to bring guns to school and allow for gun training for those teachers. Even ignoring how absolutely awful that idea is, this is exactly what I meant yesterday when I talked about fucked up priorities. In 2011, Gov. Goodhair [...]