Inside-ish Out-like: A Pop Culture Mom Font

Two of the things I'm totally addicted to now, the iFontMaker app for iPad and Disney/Pixar's Inside Out. So I've decided to marry them. For those who don't know, iFontMaker is an app that allows you to draw your own fonts. The website says you can draw a font in 5 minutes. This is probably [...]

Sandra Boynton is My Sherpa, BUT…

Sandra Boynton has been a goddess in the Pop Culture Family home.Little Diva had The Going To Bed Book memorized before she was two. Super Girl learned some of her animal sounds from Moo Baa La La La. There are few things she likes better than watching all the Hippos Go Beserk! At some point, [...]

Roku App Alone Makes the Roku Worth It

It has been increasingly hard to buy good gifts for Pop Culture Dad. We pretty much buy things as we want them, save for really large purchases, and we've been trying to scale back on the over-the-top gifts the last couple of years. He doesn't maintain a wish list and doesn't have very many hobbies, [...]

App Review: Baby’s Touch

Developer: IronpaperPlatform: iPhone 3GS & higher, iPod Touch - 3rd generation and higher, iPad. iOS 5 requiredPrice: $0.99Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 out of 5)"This is so pointless... so mindless... so PERFECT!"^^ That is what Pop Culture Dad said the first time he saw Pop Culture Toddler2 playing with Baby's Touch. His sentiment accurately reflects my feelings [...]

This Techie is Skipping the New iPhone

I've been waiting for over a year for the announcement. I've kept abreast of all the rumors. I have a saved Google News alert for "iPhone 5." And now that the announcement has been made and the iPhone 5 is set to release next week, suddenly I'm all "meh... Guess I can wait two years [...]

This Week I’m Loving… gMusic: A Google a Music Player (app review)

What's a girl to do when she has Google Play and Amazon MP3 apps on her Kindle Fire and iTunes songs on her iPad and iPhone [first-world problems, I know, leave me alone!]? Well, you could do like Pop Culture Dad did and spend three days converting your entire iTunes music library to MP3s and [...]

This Week I’m Loving… Cozi ( & Cozi App)

Price: FREE for basicCozi is a very simple digital solution to a common household problem: every member of the family has different appointments and obligations, you need groceries, there is a big list of punch items to be done, meals need to be planned, some new recipes would be nice, and oh yeah, you're tired [...]