Why I’m Now (Probably) an Ulta Customer for Life

Why I’m Now (Probably) an Ulta Customer for Life

When you're a woman of color, particular if your skin tone skews more brown than beige, shopping for makeup is exhausting, frustrating, and sometimes even humiliating. Even though it is 2015, many makeup companies haven't attempted to make many shades for us darker ladies.

Spoiler Alert! There are Spoilers on Social Media

All morning, my Facebook and Twitter feeds have been filled with people upset that they saw spoilers on Facebook and Twitter about last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Everywhere I look today there are a lot of "Thanks a lot!"s and "You guys suck"s and "Whatever happened to warning 'SPOILER ALERT!!!' first???"s. Sorry, my beloved [...]

Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk (AKA How I Spent My Winter Vacation)

I know it's been a slow year on this blog, so for those of you who have stuck around, let me first thank you. Whether you're old or new here, welcome (welcome back) and Happy New Year to all! Honestly, it's been hard to write more than rants on Facebook walls or quick blurbs on [...]

GIVEWAY ALERT! The Veronica Mars Movie is HERE

OMG, OMG, OMG, y'all! The Veronica Mars movie is here!   I'll be the first to admit, despite having friends who swore by the show, I was late to the Veronica Mars game. In fact, I watched it for the first time EVER last month. Actually, "binge watched" is a more accurate description. I watched [...]

Why #iCan’t with Macklemore Anymore

Macklemore and his fake social activism is more tiresome than the people defending him as "the best hip-hop anything, ever… even though we've never actually listened to hip-hop." But the more his old tweets surface, the more sketchy and inconsistent his claims of dependency and recovery become, the more he tries to claim this loving [...]

I am the Biracial Whisperer (or Maybe I have Biracialdar?)

I was watching 'Suits' this morning and actually paying close attention for a change. There was a close up of Rachel (played by Meghan Markle) taking the LSATs. I saw her freckles and hair and immediately and excitedly blurted (out loud, sadly), "OMG! She's biracial!" For some reason, I always had assumed she was Hispanic, [...]

I Judge Parenting Styles Like I Judge Comma Syntax

Today one of the pages I follow posted an article from the Huffington Post entitled "10 Uncomfortable Confessions From an Imperfect Mom." One of the confessions, which the page featured, was, "I know that every time I feel defensive or judgmental about someone else's parenting choices, it's because I am less than confident about my [...]