Taking the Pledge Against Cyber Bullying

Back in the late-80s through early-90s, I was a scrawny little, nerdy thing with braces and glasses. I had always been this way, but there was something about middle school and high school that made other children notice my puny geekiness even more. I was teased, called names, and even had a girl or two … Continue reading Taking the Pledge Against Cyber Bullying

Lay Off Natalie Portman, "Feminists"

So around the same time I was happily weeping at Natalie Portman's Oscar speech and her beautiful declaration that motherhood would be her most important role, some self-proclaimed feminists were lambasting her for that same statement. For shame!First, let me say that I consider myself (among other things) a feminist. I firmly believe women can … Continue reading Lay Off Natalie Portman, "Feminists"