Lay Off Natalie Portman, "Feminists"

So around the same time I was happily weeping at Natalie Portman's Oscar speech and her beautiful declaration that motherhood would be her most important role, some self-proclaimed feminists were lambasting her for that same statement. For shame!First, let me say that I consider myself (among other things) a feminist. I firmly believe women can … Continue reading Lay Off Natalie Portman, "Feminists"

Hard Working Mom But No Claire Huxtable

I'm black. I'm a hard working mom. I'm a lawyer. I'm sassy. I'm a great dancer, and I love to sing. But that's where the similarities between Claire Huxtable and me end. Growing up, Mrs. Huxtable, attorney at mom, was my perfect example of a hard working mom. She still is. Although I don't want … Continue reading Hard Working Mom But No Claire Huxtable

Toddler Sleep Training – I’m a Mother Bear

Earlier in the season, Modern Family did an episode entitled "Up All Night," which included a storyline involving toddler sleep training. Mitchell and Cameron had decided to "Ferberize" their daughter, Lily. Actually, I should say, Mitchell wanted to try toddler sleep training via the Ferber method (from the book How to Solve Your Child's Sleep … Continue reading Toddler Sleep Training – I’m a Mother Bear