Mass Shootings… I’m Confused

The Oregon shooter was a British, IRA-supporting, biracial, neo-Nazi, anti-theist, self-proclaimed conservative Republican... Color me confused. And this obviously mentally ill person was allowed to purchase three handguns and an AR-15. There have been 45 school shootings this year. Texas Legislature recently voted to allow guns on campus (idiots) and other Teapublican law makers don't … Continue reading Mass Shootings… I’m Confused

Go Texan Day Resolutions Met!

Those of you not from Texas (more specifically, Houston) probably have no idea what a “Go Texan Day” is. Basically, the Friday before the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (and related opening day parade) begins, Houstonians are encouraged to "Go Texan" by donning western gear. For many Houstonians, this simply translates to "jeans day" or … Continue reading Go Texan Day Resolutions Met!