My Vacation Musings

The Pop Culture Family is currently on vacation in Florida, visiting my in-laws. Now that we’re almost done with Day Three of our trip, a few things occur to me…

  1. When you’re going out of town for almost a week, a trial-sized tube of toothpaste just isn’t going to cut it.
  2. No matter how nice the resort, always bring your own soap – particularly when two out of three family members are allergic to pretty much everything.
  3. When you have a toddler who has some good potty days and some bad ones, never underestimate the loveliness and convenience of a hotel room that comes with its own washer and dryer. That’s two vacas in the last three weeks where we have been so blessed. Thank you vacation gods!
  4. Wherever you accidentally fail to put sunscreen will be the one area that gets the most sun (ask Pop Culture Toddler and Pop Culture Dad about that one…).
  5. Never go on vacation with a full suitcase unless you plan on FedEx’ing things back home.
  6. If the guy on the beach makes a “this wide” sign when jumping out of the water and the fish are going crazy, it means there’s a shark. Do not go in the water. I repeat, do not go in the water. [We were smart enough to recognize this; the ladies next to us, not so much].

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