Valentine’s Conversations with Toddlers

Some days, it really is an amusing job being a mom. Here’s a sampling of conversations I have had with Pop Culture Toddler today:

Character Confusion

PCT: Elmo, Happy Valentine! Say hi to Mommy, Elmo. Say “hi” in Chinese. [turning Elmo to me]. “Hola!”

Me: Honey, that’s Spanish. Dora says “Hola.” What does Kai-Lin say?

PCT: Elmo!! Tell Mommy “Ni Hao.”

Mommy Confusion

PCT: Mommy! Strawberries!

Me: Ask me nicely…

PCT: Strawberries pllllleeeeaaase!

Me: Okay

PCT: No! Grapes!

Me: Do you want strawberries and grapes, or just grapes?

PCT: Just grapes [long pause] and strawberries

Me: Well, that clears it up.
Me: How are your strawberries and grapes?

PCT: I like Cheerios.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

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