Alan Thicke is to Soothing Babies What Robin Thicke is to Making Them

Pop Culture Baby AKA the Happiest Baby on the Planet started teething a few weeks ago. As a result, she goes from giggling and grinning to screaming her head off in a matter of seconds. During one of these schizophrenic-baby bouts, I started pleading with her to start smiling again. Next thing I knew, my inner child-of-the-’80s kicked in, and I was full-on singing

♬Show me that smile again… 
Don’t waste another minute on your crying…

It worked! She immediately started grinning and laughing. Now, whenever Pop Culture Baby gets cranky, I dust off a little Growing Pains. Okay, so even though actor-singer-composer Alan Thicke did not actually compose this little ditty, I will forever associate it with him. In my child-of-the-’80s mind, this song originated from Dr. Jason Seaver. Whoever the actual singer, I’m the one singing it now, and it is magic when it comes to putting a smile on my baby’s face.

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