Halle Berry, A Model of Feminism

You may have heard the good news: Halle Berry has proven that feminism is not dead!

Oh, sorry. I realize that was confusing. After all, Halle Berry, known from flitting from one (abusive or just otherwise dysfunctional) relationship to the next, whose career heights are directly proportionate to her looks and how much boobage she flashes rather than her actual acting talent (which is negligible at best), who thinks she’s haunted by the spirits of other beautiful women from the past, and who is a notoriously bad driver, is not exactly the first person to come to mind when you mention “feminist.”

However, this week, Ms. Berry, with the help of the family court system, achieved one of the goals of old school feminism: that men and women be treated equally. You see, this week, a judge ordered that Halle Berry pay her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubrey, $20,000 a month in child support. This amount was requested by her ex-love on the basis that their daughter, Nahla, should be able to live in the lifestyle with which she had become accustomed during those times she is with Daddy. Hey, it worked for Camille Grammer, right?

So thanks, Halle (and Gabriel), for helping keep us equal.

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