A PSA About Kwanzaa

I realize the last day of Kwanzaa was yesterday, but something must be said….
Some of the comments on a thread on Cafe Mom made me realize just how stupid some people are. The thread was “Does Anyone Celebrate Kwanzaa?” and many of the answers were “No. No one I know celebrates it because we are all Christian.” Many of these responses came after comments (like my own) that Kwanzaa is not a religious holiday. But people apparently don’t know how to read for comprehension. So let me repeat this here in simple terms:
Kwanzaa is not a religious holiday and is not observed to the exclusion of religious holidays. 
If you are a black American and Jewish, Kwanzaa doesn’t replace Chanukah. If you are a black American and Christian, Santa will still come to your house, and your nativity scene can sit right next to your Kinara. And if you’re a Pagan/Wiccan African-American, you can celebrate Kwanzaa and the Solstice.
Or, you know, you could not celebrate Kwanzaa at all. It isn’t mandatory or anything. You won’t lose your black card. But the “no, because we celebrate Christmas” excuse just shows your ignorance. 
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