‘Thanks for Sharing’ May Have Ruined My Favorite Animated Musical

So Pop Culture Dad and I were watching Thanks for Sharing, which is a movie about sex addicts, and there’s this one character who’s just royally messed up (yes, even more than the other addicts). He’s also a food addict. Without spoiling the movie, let’s just say he’s (initially, anyway) disgusting and an ass.

I remembered the actor was in this show on NBC where he was the president’s son, who was a complete screw up; but couldn’t remember what else. An hour into it, Pop Culture Dad exclaims, “Holy shit, I just remembered! That’s Olaf!” That’s right. Josh Gad. We watched most of the movie and couldn’t remember the name/previous characters of Book of Mormon‘s Josh Gad. We’ve seen Frozen half a million times but hadn’t placed the voice. Maybe it’s because I cannot even begin to think of Olaf doing the things Josh Gad did in this movie.

After Pop Culture Dad made his revelation, it killed every scene with Josh Gad. Everything he said or did, I just pictured Olaf. Frozen is never going to be the same again.

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