It’s a Hard-Knock Life for Us!

Is anyone else as excited about the new Annie movie as I am we are? The Pop Culture Fam won’t be able to see the movie on opening night, but we are going to see it Christmas week.

To get ready, I made the Pop Culture Girls dresses inspired by both the traditional Annie dress and the new one!

Old Annie in the front

New Annie in the back

For the pattern, I used look C on New Look A6335. I used sateen polyester fabric (“new Annie” shine) with the red and white combination of the traditional Annie dress. Instead of the recommended leather belt, I made a ribbon sash out of same white sateen. To reflect the new Annie dress style, I made a large bow out of the same sateen material [if you look closely, you can see that the inside of the bow is white—a “traditional Annie” throwback], but put it on the back instead of the front.
Construction wise, the dress is pretty awesome. My favorite thing about this pattern is that it is fully lined (not something you often see with girls’ casual dress patterns!) and has netting to give the A-line skirt that adorable poof. The pattern includes sleeveless options, too. 


The girls are excited about their Annie dresses, and I can’t wait for them to wear them to the movie!


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