Daddy Dexter Morgan

Pop Culture Dad and I have been really disturbed by Dexter to last two seasons. Is it the borderline incestuous relationship between Dexter and his adopted sister, Deb? Nope. The gruesome and graphic killing shown on screen? Nope. The bar fighting? Nuh-uh. Drug use? No. The sex? Shyeah, right... Ha ha.It's Dexter's horrible parenting skills.I get … Continue reading Daddy Dexter Morgan

This MONTH I’m Loving… Fall Returns to TV!!

There is nothing a TVophile loves more than the start of the fall season, and I am there, baby! I am that dork who puts show premieres on my calendar so I don't miss anything by allowing my ADD to let me forget when a show is set to start. For shows that are already … Continue reading This MONTH I’m Loving… Fall Returns to TV!!

Single Father … And Serial Killer?

Ha! That got your attention, didn't it? Don't worry, I'm not talking about something insane I heard on the news, nor am I worried that my husband is going to butcher me into pieces, thus making himself a single father and then starting his career as a serial killer. I'm just anxiously awaiting the fall … Continue reading Single Father … And Serial Killer?