Daddy Dexter Morgan

Pop Culture Dad and I have been really disturbed by Dexter to last two seasons. Is it the borderline incestuous relationship between Dexter and his adopted sister, Deb? Nope. The gruesome and graphic killing shown on screen? Nope. The bar fighting? Nuh-uh. Drug use? No. The sex? Shyeah, right… Ha ha.

It’s Dexter’s horrible parenting skills.
I get that Dexter never wanted to be a father and never even really intended to have human relationships that involve an emotional commitment. I mean, the guy is a serial killer. What else would we suspect? But he has the kid, and he very clearly loves Harrison. So why, oh why, is he never freaking at home? And why, on those occasions where he is at home, is he slipping in his daddy duties?
Yes, I’ve seen the various tender moments of Dexter making breakfast for Harrison or taking him to playdates. But there are many more moments where the nanny has been frantically trying to call Dexter to find out where he is, because he was supposed to be home hours ago; times where Dexter has barged in on the nanny’s personal time, demanding she take Harrison right away [I don’t know about you all, but I’m pretty sure my babysitter would have quit the second time that happened–if not the first]; or just seems to be operating as though he doesn’t have a kid at all—always leaving either Pop Culture Dad or me asking the other, “Where the hell is Harrison??”
Look, I get that he’s busy tracking down or killing serial killers, but plenty of parents have two jobs, Dexter, and they all arrange to have childcare in place before leaving for work, rather than having it be an after-thought.
The straw that broke Pop Culture Dad’s back, however, came in the first episode of the season (“A Beautiful Day”). Dexter figured out that Deb was in over her head, and he needed to drive out of town in the middle of the night to go rescue her. Dexter, of course, tried his usual approach of driving to his nanny’s house [she was mid-coitus, by the way] in the middle of the night and insisting (okay, demanding) that she take his son so he could jet off to some undisclosed emergency. Homegirl finally grew a backbone and told him no. So with no backup childcare options, what does Dexter do? Take his four-year old with him to save Aunt Deb from a paid assassin. Of course. And that wasn’t the worst of it.
Once Dexter and Harrison arrived in Tallahassee (or wherever the hell), Dexter exits the car and tells Harrison to stay put. He doesn’t tell Harrison to go to sleep or ask him keep his head down or instruct him at how incredibly unsafe it would be for him if he got out the car. Heck, he doesn’t even lock the door. So you can guess what happens next….
Dexter returns from his struggle with the assassin who tried to kill his sister, only to find that his preschooler was nowhere to be found. It was at that point that Pop Culture Dad turned to me and said, “If this is how it’s going to be all season, I don’t think I can watch this anymore! Seriously, even for a serial killer, he is the worst dad in the world!!” Oh, and did I mention that when Dexter did find Harrison, he picked his son up only to realize that he had just picked his kid up with bloody hands?

And there you have it folks. If Charlie Manson or Ted Bundy had had kids, Pop Culture Dad and I are pretty much betting they would have been better fathers than Dexter Morgan. Based on this article about the Happy Face Killer’s daughter and how she wished she could stop loving him, I think our theory is right.

This MONTH I’m Loving… Fall Returns to TV!!

There is nothing a TVophile loves more than the start of the fall season, and I am there, baby!

I am that dork who puts show premieres on my calendar so I don’t miss anything by allowing my ADD to let me forget when a show is set to start. For shows that are already in our DVR playlist and which don’t have any dramatic shifts in time slot, we are good to go, but the new shows are sometimes tricky to keep track of.

This week, Entertainment Weekly came out with their Fall TV preview issue:

There is so much awesomeness on that cover, I didn’t know where to begin. Actually, that’s a lie. I began with Once Upon a Time, which is easily my favorite television drama right now. Thank you, ABC, for the mini-marathon last weekend!

Once was very closely followed by The Big Bang Theory (my favorite comedy), then The New Girl (my favorite theme song), the The Mindy Project (one of my most anticipated new shows).

What will the Pop Culture Household (or at least two of us) be watching this year?

Returning Shows

Once Upon a Time (Sept. 30, ABC)
Family Guy (Sept. 30, Fox)
Dexter (Sept. 30, Showtime)

Bones (Sept. 17, Fox)
How I Met Your Mother (Sept. 24, CBS)
2 Broke Girls (Sept. 24, CBS)
Mike & Molly (Sept. 24, CBS)
Castle (Sept. 24, ABC)

Private Practice (Sept. 25, ABC)
Happy Endings (Oct. 23, ABC)
Don’t Trust the B— in Apt. 23 (Oct. 23, ABC)
Raising Hope (Oct. 2, Fox)
The New Girl (Sept. 25, Fox)

Modern Family (Sep. 26, ABC)
Law & Order: SVU (Sept. 26, NBC)
Suburgatory (Oct. 17, ABC)
American Horror Story (Oct. 17, FX)

Glee (Sept. 13, Fox)
Up All Night (Sept. 20, NBC)
Parks and Recreation (Sept. 20, NBC)
The Office (Sept. 20, NBC)
The Big Bang Theory (Sept. 27, CBS)
30 Rock (Oct. 4, NBC)

Whitney (Oct. 19, NBC)
Community (Oct. 19, NBC)

Saturday Night Live (Sept. 15, NBC) — the first host will be Seth MacFarlane with musical guest Frank Ocean. Yes, please.

New Shows (We will watch these until they suck or get cancelled):*

*indicates I have already watched the pilot on U-verse OnDemand—thank you Big Four networks for making that happen (well, some of you, anyway)!

666 Park Avenue (Sept. 30, ABC)
Call the Midwife (Sept. 30, PBS) — you had me at the title

Revolution (Sept. 17, NBC) — blatant Hunger Games ripoff, and I don’t care
Partners (Sept. 24, CBS)

*Go On (Sept. 11, NBC)
*The New Normal (Sept. 11, NBC)
*Ben and Kate (Sept. 25, Fox)
*The Mindy Project (Sept. 25, Fox)

Guys With Kids (Sept. 26, NBC)
*Animal Practice (Sept. 26, NBC)
Nashville (Oct. 10, ABC)— I’m a sucker for Hayden Panettierre’s one-note acting
The Neighbors (Sept. 26, ABC)

Elementary (Sept. 27, CBS) — Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Lu? Yes!

Made in New Jersey (Sept. 28, CBS)

So, yes, if it is not totally obvious, I watch a lot of television. A lot. This doesn’t even count the shows I love on alternative cable networks, like Psych on USA, which has its own weird season. Now, I just need to go clear the DVR of old Bubble Guppies, Peppa Pig, and Sesame Street episodes [Season 43 premieres Sept. 24, BTW], so we have room for all the grown-up shows!

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Single Father … And Serial Killer?

I am really curious to see how this season works with Dexter Morgan as a single father, seeing as his wife, Rita, was brutally killed at the end of last season, leaving him with three children – one of whom is an infant. It seemed like he was having a hard enough time last season juggling his job as the blood splatter expert for the Miami Metro police department with being a new husband and a first-time dad… and, oh yeah, that little side hobby of killing other serial killers. So now that Rita is gone, how in the world is Dexter going to balance everything as a single father??

Dexter himself was raised by a single father who was also a police officer, so had this been real life and any other situation, you would think that he had a good, strong male role model to follow. But Dexter’s father was also the one who recognized his adopted son’s sociopathic tendencies and encouraged him to channel those tendencies into killing only bad people (the “Code”). And Dexter’s sister is a little messed up in the head thanks to Harry’s parenting skills, too. So maybe Dexter’s single parent isn’t the best role model for successful single parenting….

I think Dexter’s single parent struggles could actually be a very interesting story arc.  For example, will Dexter have to attend a single parent support group where – like when he started attending N.A. meetings to deal with his “problem” [the serial killing; he doesn’t do drugs] – he has to come up with code words for what’s really going on in his life? Will Dexter, Astor, Cody, and little baby Harrison have to attend family grief counseling? And, if so, will they complain about how daddy is never home, and when he does come home, he’s very distant? Will Dexter take the baby with him when he goes off to get rid of bad bad men? Will he give up serial killing altogether to deal with his new role as single parent dad?

I realize that this show isn’t real (duh!) and that single parents – whether mom or dad – have a lot of struggles trying to balance work and family. I imagine those struggles are even more difficult when that parent has to step into the new role of single parent while also handling their own grief from the loss of a spouse. But you have to admit the dark humor possibilities for Season 5 of Dexter [maybe he decides the Babywise people are evil and must be stopped!] are endless and awesome.