Intelligender Provokes Not-so-Intelligent Ire

Like any pregnant woman, even one who has no plans of confirming via ultrasound what gender my fetus actually is, I love entertaining myself with the old wives' tales. I did the Chinese Gender Prediction chart -- got both results, depending on which website was used. I did various online tests, which analyzed whether I … Continue reading Intelligender Provokes Not-so-Intelligent Ire

Managing Gestational Diabetes: Day One

Those of you who know me or who can decipher my cryptic Tweets already know this, but to catch up the rest of you: I failed my three-hour glucose tolerance test.This actually wasn't a surprise. My mom and at least two (of her six) sisters are diabetic. After my well-woman exam a year or so … Continue reading Managing Gestational Diabetes: Day One

Team Noneya for Life

The other day, some girlfriends and I were discussing the gender reveal – do you or don’t you? Suzi and Brittney are very much in favor of finding out their babies’ genders when given the opportunity. Amanda loves the surprise and has even blogged about it twice. Kat also loves a surprise. Personally, I’m on … Continue reading Team Noneya for Life

Bohemian Rhapsody Birth (Glee)

Quinn goes into labor while the rival choir, Vocal Adrenaline, is performing. The song they are performing is Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Let me tell you, I’m getting chills right now just thinking about that scene. That’s how spectacular it was. And that’s how last night I decided that time during birth, I’m playing “Bohemian Rhapsody" … Continue reading Bohemian Rhapsody Birth (Glee)