Two Things Y’all Apparently Didn’t Know About Wentworth Miller

  As you have probably heard, yesterday Wentworth Miller told the St. Petersburg International Film Festival [I'm paraphrasing here]: "Thanks but no thanks for your invitation to appear at your festival, but as long as your country is oppressing gay people like me, you can go f*** yourselves." And people, gay and straight alike, lost … Continue reading Two Things Y’all Apparently Didn’t Know About Wentworth Miller

Keyshia Cole and the One-Drop Rule

So apparently R&B artist Keyshia Cole started a s***-storm of controversy recently when she went on BET's 106 & Park and claimed that she wasn't initially sure how she felt about being on "Black Women Rock," because she's biracial. Madame Noire asked, "I think it's fine if she wants to point out that she's bi-racial, but one, where … Continue reading Keyshia Cole and the One-Drop Rule

Halle Berry, A Model of Feminism

You may have heard the good news: Halle Berry has proven that feminism is not dead!Oh, sorry. I realize that was confusing. After all, Halle Berry, known from flitting from one (abusive or just otherwise dysfunctional) relationship to the next, whose career heights are directly proportionate to her looks and how much boobage she flashes … Continue reading Halle Berry, A Model of Feminism

Pop Culture Baby’s Birth Story

Although I feel like the phrase "birth story" should serve as a warning that there's some serious TMI ahead [after all, is birth ever really pretty? No. It's pretty much always a little bit gross], I'm going to do the standard warning anyway. I realize only soon-to-be mothers, recent mothers, and birth story junkies care about the nitty gritty details. This is for them. If you're not into knowing that much about someone else's bodily functions or the details of contractions, effacement, and all that jazz, I'd suggest you skip this post altogether or just go straight to the pictures. It's gonna be long, y'all... and maybe a wee bit gory.