Undercover Sistah Day on Suits

On Wednesday night, two of my guilty pleasures came together... well, three, actually. Suits + Pretty Little Liars + two of my favorite undercover sistahs, Meghan Markle and Troian Bellisario.     I know I've mentioned many times how I enjoy being the "Biracial Whisperer." PLL's Troian Bellisario and Suit's Meghan Markle are two of my favorite … Continue reading Undercover Sistah Day on Suits

Rachel Dolezal and the Problem of Colorism

Like many people, I've been fascinated (in horror) watching the Rachel Dolezal "passing" story unfold. I'm not going to rehash the various layers of how what she did was so very wrong or why "transracial," as it has been used with respect to this story, is not a thing and should not be compared to … Continue reading Rachel Dolezal and the Problem of Colorism

Parenthood: "She’s So White!"

While I was party planning this afternoon, I started watching last night's episode of 'Parenthood'. Barely five minutes in, I fell over laughing when Crosby held up his newly-born daughter and exclaimed with shock, "She's so white!" And 10 minutes in, I nearly died again when Grandpa Braverman said, "She's even lighter than she was in … Continue reading Parenthood: "She’s So White!"

Pop Culture Toddler is Now…

Pop Culture Preschooler. Dang, I feel old. Pop Culture Toddler turned three at the end of November. Almost immediately, I started getting newsletters calling her toddler/preschooler. So which is it? I asked the moms on my Nov 2008 mommy board. The consensus is that it can go either way, but if your three-year old is … Continue reading Pop Culture Toddler is Now…