Why Green Eggs and Ham, Mr. Cruz?

Last night, Ted Cruz, the junior senator from my state (and general stain on humanity), decided to filibuster into the wee hours of the night on his crusade against ensuring proper healthcare coverage for million Americans. During his all-night-long rage against quality of life, he read Green Eggs and Ham. Why that book instead of … Continue reading Why Green Eggs and Ham, Mr. Cruz?

Sandra Boynton is My Sherpa, BUT…

Sandra Boynton has been a goddess in the Pop Culture Family home.Little Diva had The Going To Bed Book memorized before she was two. Super Girl learned some of her animal sounds from Moo Baa La La La. There are few things she likes better than watching all the Hippos Go Beserk! At some point, … Continue reading Sandra Boynton is My Sherpa, BUT…

Well… We Weren’t Expecting THAT

When I decided to convert Super Girl's room from Care Bears to owls and giraffes a few months ago, I started snatching up every cute thing I could find that fit the theme and already existing colors. One of the first things I found was this adorable picture from Home Goods:As you can see, the … Continue reading Well… We Weren’t Expecting THAT

Racist Hunger Games "Fans" Chap My Hide

Read The Hunger Games and didn't know Rue is black? You lack reading comprehension. Saw the movie and were sad she is? You are RACIST.Recently, Jezebel posted an article about so-called fans of The Hunger Games, who tweeted their immense disappointment in the movie "making" certain characters black. There are two things that are clear … Continue reading Racist Hunger Games "Fans" Chap My Hide