Well… We Weren’t Expecting THAT

When I decided to convert Super Girl’s room from Care Bears to owls and giraffes a few months ago, I started snatching up every cute thing I could find that fit the theme and already existing colors. One of the first things I found was this adorable picture from Home Goods:

As you can see, the first owl’s wings are made from pages of a book. I never gave it much thought. I never even really looked at the words to see what they said. I pretty much only focused on the owls.
Tonight, Pop Culture Dad paid attention for the first time… and he was a little concerned. “Honey? Do you know what book that is? Is it a kid’s book? I just noticed it has the word ‘killed’.” I told him I hadn’t really given it a thought, but I was going to guess it wasn’t a kid’s book. I had bought the picture in the kids’ section, but that didn’t really mean anything.
So I turned to my knowledgeable friend Google. Turns out I was right. It wasn’t a kid’s book at all….
But we weren’t quite expecting this:

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